Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Santa Elena to La Fortuna

Friday June 6th

Today I make the journey to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcan. There are 2 options getting there.

1. Jeep Boat Jeep which is highly recommended by all the hotels and tour companies as it is only 2.5 hrs long and a mere $25. Essentially you taxi to the Lake Arenal, take a boat for 30 minutes across the lake and then a taxi picks you up on the other side to take you to La Fortuna.

2. Bus up the mountain on bumpy, teeth rattling gravel road for only 24 miles but it takes 2 hrs to arrive at Tilaran. Then wait 2 hrs to catch the connecting bus for another 3.5 hrs. This option is $4.

I choose option 2 for several reasons. Saving $21 is always a high priority when backpacking but riding a bus along narrow, high mountain roads seemed to exciting to pass on. I was well rewarded with incredible mountain views, milk cows grazing on the mountain sides, coffee plantations and teenagers flirting with classmates on their way to school. Some of the best sights are the simplest.