Friday, May 9, 2008

Manuel Antonio

June 8-10th

I caught a shuttle from La Fortuna to Quepos because it was the only direct way to get there. At $35 for the four hr trip it was painful to part with the money. The minivan had 4 other people in it from Dallas, Tx. A couple and 2 young children for 4 HOURS.

The plane in the pictures at the top of the page was converted to a restaurant and is on the road from Quepos to Manuel Antonio.

It is that great part of trip where you not only have to ask what day of the month it is but what day of the week it is. Manuel Antonio is great. In 2 days I will go to Panama. I met a lot of people at the hostel from Texas who are spending the summer learning Spanish for college credit. One of them told me that Costa Rica was backpacking with "training wheels". It is so true. This is the easiest country to learn to backpack.

I spent most of the day on the beach and then everyone from the hostel went out to a new bar for Ladies Night. Too much fun.

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